3rd suspect in 5 Corner Lotto shooting appears in court

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Seventeen year old Joshua Tucker appeared in recorders court and pleaded not guilty to murder and aggravated assault charges from the November 6th fatal 5 Corner Lotto shooting.

Defense Attorney Mark Shelnutt says he learned new information in the case, “It was informative in that we were able to see the evidence that police claim that they’ve got on Joshua, so we can best know how to defend it.”

Columbus Police Sergeant Anthony Locey presented the cause for arrest.

He says tucker admitted to being at the scene and admitted their intentions, “Rob the store. Well he said get the money.”

Surveillance video shows one of the suspects wearing a hoodie.

Tucker admits his hoodie was on camera, but he wasn’t the one wearing it.

“He points out a tear that’s on the back of the hoodie. The hoodie that we got from his residence had a tear,” Said Locey.

Also police seized 2 phones from Tucker’s house.

Tucker’s Attorney says his client maintains his innocence.

The case is bound over to Superior Court and the judge did not issue a bond.


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