Baseball and best buds: A Scoggins family story

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Opening day is fun. Especially when your best friend is on the team. Jacob was going to miss this season until he found out who was playing.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to miss all of that. I wanted to be on the team. I didn’t want to miss all three of the cousins except for me on the team,” said Jacob. It’s not every day you can play with family. But News 3’s Phil Scoggins family is experiencing it this year. His son and son-in-law are coaching four of his grandsons on the same little league team this year.

“It’s going to save my voice. Because instead of cheering at two or three different games,  we’re going to be able to holler and scream all at the same time within a six inning period,” says Phil.
Phil’s wife, Judy says she was so happy to have their dads with them this weekend.

The boys coach, Scott Scoggins, says it’s just all about them having fun.

“I really take a lot of pride and joy to be out here with them. Because I enjoyed baseball when I was growing up. I love just being out here and being with them and helping them develop them,” says Scott.

The Chicago Cubs had a season for the ages.  And these Cubs are out to make history of their own. It just so happens they get to do it in front of the people they love the most.

“Rewarding, to see them growing up; being so close together. And that they support each other so much, they love each other so much.  And they support each other so much. They love each other so much. A lot of families don’t have that. And to have them all on one team is so great,” said Judy.

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