Alabama launches new license plate to benefit state park system

A sample design of the new license plane benefiting Alabama state parks. (Submitted)

AUBURN, Ala. (AP) — A new specialty motor vehicle license plate has been launched to benefit the state parks system in Alabama.

The Tuscaloosa News reports the license plate dubbed “State Parks Supporter” launched in January. The plate costs an additional $50 and can be requested with motor vehicle owners renew their tags at their local county offices.

A market specialist for the parks says the new tags and other programs are all possible thanks to Amendment 2 lawmakers approved on November’s ballot. The a referendum provides more assurances fees and other funding from the parks wouldn’t be stripped away to fill budget holes elsewhere in the state.

The specialist also says state parks will receive about 80 percent of the revenue through the specialty plate. About 20 percent will go toward administrative costs.The department hasn’t committed to how the new funds will be used, but says there are possibilities like new bath houses at camps grounds, improving cabins, or developing interpretive nature programs for children.

The state parks are also looking to start a dirt trail program so people can voluntarily donate $35 a year for equipment and project to enhance trails statewide.

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