Dash cam video released in Harris County deadly high-speed chase

HARRIS COUNTY, Ga (WRBL/CBS)– A local mother says she believes Harris County deputies as good as executed her son after he died during their attempts to arrest him.

Newly released dash cam video shows the high speed chase leading up to the death of 18-year-old Nicholas Dyksma. His mother, Tammy Dyksma, says she can’t bring herself to watch it.

Reporter: “You feel your son was executed?”

Tammy: “Yes.”

Reporter: “Because?”

Tammy: “Because I think that. I think that they were really rough with him. I think they were brutal to him. ”

The Dyksma family names four Harris County deputies in a lawsuit claiming “unreasonable use of deadly force” against their son. A GBI autopsy shows there were three factors in Nicholas Dyksma’s death: repeated shocks from a taser, asphyxiating pressure to his neck and torso, and methamphetamine use.

Reports show 18-year-old Nicholas Dyksma was using methamphetamine and ran from law enforcement the night he died. Newly released video casts doubt on deputies' methods in apprehending him. (CBSN)
Reports show 18-year-old Nicholas Dyksma was using methamphetamine and ran from law enforcement the night he died. Newly released video casts doubt on deputies’ methods in apprehending him. (CBSN)

The incident started August 31, 2015 just before 2 a.m. Columbus police were called to a store parking lot where Nicholas Dyksma was asleep in his truck.

Reports say officers knocked on the window, but Dyksma refused to get out and cooperate. As News 3 reported, the teen lead law enforcement on a high speed chase towards Harris County where the accused deputies were called in to put down stop strips on Highway 27.

The new video shows the truck in a ditch off the highway where deputies reportedly tasered Dyksma to get him outside. Once he was out of the cab, you can see where the teen was dragged to the ground.

Video shows few short moments after they restrained him, the deputies noticed something was wrong.

“Hey! … “Is he breathing?” At one point in the dash cam video, you can hear one deputy ask, “Is he still alive?”

The lawsuit says the deputies had put an unnecessary amount of pressure on Dyksma’s neck and chest, causing him to pass out. The suit also says the deputies failed to perform CPR on Dyksma until paramedics arrived more than ten minutes later.

Dyksma was taken to Midtown Medical Center where he later died.

Craig Jones is the attorney representing the Dyksma family in their case against the deputies. He says there was nothing about the chase or about Nicholas that warranted his death.

“He made a mistake by running, he made a mistake by taking meth. That may have influenced his judgement,” Jones admits. “But last time I checked that is not a capital offense.”

Tammy Dyksma says the officers were wrong to take her son away.

“I know he shouldn’t have run. I understand that. But it really wasn’t their place to end his life,” she says.

WRBL News 3 has reached out to Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley for comment. He says he cannot comment on the ongoing investigation.

The sheriff had previously said during the initial investigation he believed the officers acted within department protocol.

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