Voice with heavenly calling

COLUMBUS, Ga. — It’s a major accomplishment when a singer or musician is able to produce their first professional CD. Tonight we’re celebrating that milestone.

Jacquie Cruz has a remarkable voice, some have even compared her to Sandi Patty. And for Jacquie, that is the ultimate compliment.

“Probably saw her first in concert when I was about ten years old as well. When I saw her on the stage for the first time, I thought…what a gift! And I just felt that pulling on my heart. And it was even then that the seed was planted that that was something I knew I wanted to do…to be able to minister to people that way,” says Cruz.

Jacquie went to Auburn High School and then received her degree in vocal performance from the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University in 2010. Since then she’s used her talent ministering in her home church. Auburn United Methodist where her father is the minister of music. Jacquie has never forgotten the superb training she received from her CSU voice coach, Earl Coleman.

“He did work us hard, but he’s a wonderful, wonderful trained vocalist. And he believed in me when a lot of people did not, and  I’m very thankful for his leadership and his guidance,” says Cruz.

Jacquie’s career reached a major milestone recently when she released her first CD entitled “Hopefull.”

“Hopefull…in today’s times that was what I felt was the loudest message that I needed to communicate to people. We had just heard about the Orlando shootings at the time we were thinking about the title for the CD. And it just resonated so much with me how important the message of hope is to bring to people,” says Cruz.

Jacquie debuted the songs from her new CD at a concert in her home church recently. Her proud dad was just over her shoulder accompanying her on the piano. When it was over, I asked Jacquie what nugget of advice she would like to pass on to students who are striving to make their mark the way she has.

“The best advice I can give is to listen to the person that whispers to your heart. Because when everybody else in the world is telling you no, He is telling you exactly where to go…to trust Him,” says Cruz.

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