More Warmth, then a Cold Front

We are finishing the work week with a couple of unseasonably warm days until the next cold front arrives early Saturday.

An unusually mild air mass is in place over the Southeast and much of the eastern U.S. today.  Low clouds formed in the News3 viewing area overnight, partly because of leftover moisture from recent rains.  Those clouds will eventually dissolve as sunshine warms the air near the ground.  Highs are expected to climb well into the 70s today and 80 degrees is well within reach on Friday.

The cold front will sweep west to east across the country, part of a vigorous storm system that will dump heavy snow in the northern Midwest and produce severe weather in other areas as far north as Ohio and Michigan.  To have severe storms and tornadoes that far north in February would be an extremely rare occurrence.  Our area will escape any severe weather, and could just see brief showers early Saturday morning along the front as is passes through.

Cooler temperatures will follow for the weekend with highs in the 60s and lows dropping into the 30s, not far from normal for this time of year.  We’ll start to get warmer again next week, accompanied by increasing chances for rain as the next storm system develops and moves across the country.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

Forecast map for Friday
Forecast map for Friday
Friday's severe outlook (NOAA/SPC)
Friday’s severe outlook (NOAA/SPC)

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