Lee County Grand Jury to hear an Auburn murder case

LEE COUNTY, Ala. — In a preliminary hearing on Wednesday, a Lee County judge bound the murder case against Derrick Antavis Oliver over to the county grand jury.

The first grand jury of the year is the week of March 6, and the other is in April. District Attorney Brandon Hughes said that there is no word as to when the grand jury will hear the case, and that it will not go to the grand jury until the investigation is completed and all forensic reports are in from the Alabama Department of Forensic Science.

“It is my belief that we do not go to grand jury until we are ready to try the case in front of a regular jury because once it’s indicted, it’s subject to be called,” Hughes said “No one is going to be waiting on this office asking for continuances because we don’t have evidence ready. So, we’re going to hold these cases before grand jury until we have everything we need. When that case gets indicted, and it comes out of grand jury, we need to be ready to try that case that day.”

On Jan. 26, Auburn Police said that Minney Lee went to a home on Lunsford Drive to see Oliver, her ex-boyfriend. Authorities said that an altercation took place, and Lee was shot and killed. Later that afternoon, Auburn Police obtained an arrest warrant for Oliver charging him with Lee’s murder, and he then surrendered to law enforcement.

Lee’s mother, Denise said that since that morning, life has been extremely difficult for her.

“We’re just at a loss for words still,” Lee said. “It’s really difficult for me every morning, every night. I cry. I sit and rock her urn and cry wishing she was still here.”

Lee said she hopes if the case goes to trial, that Oliver tells the court the truth.

“Minney needs justice,” Lee said. “Her children need justice. Those three children need justice for their mom. He owes it to the children. He doesn’t owe it to anybody else but those three babies.”

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