Auburn University holds their second Tiger Giving Day

AUBURN, Ala. — Tuesday, Auburn University held their second edition of Tiger Giving Day, a 24-hour campus-wide crowdfunding initiative.

The day gives an opportunity for the public to learn about programs at the university that may not necessarily be well known, but still need support.

Folks had until 11:59 p.m. Tuesday night to reach their funding goals. All of the funds raised for the specific projects go to that project regardless if it meets its goal.

There were 29 projects this year ranging from sending a student-built satellite into space to new markers for whiteboards in the library.

The College of Veterinary Medicine had a project, which they exceeded of raising $10,000 for providing scholarships to children for their summer vet camp. The camp gives kids a close-up view of what it is like to be a veterinarian.

Megan Hesson, a third year veterinary student said a day like this is amazing to see.

“To have a day specifically to give back to the university and give back to all the programs the university has, I think is awesome,” Hesson said. “It really inspires everyone to come together at once instead of everyone saying ‘oh, maybe I’ll chip in’ and then forgetting about it. This is really inspirational to the point, we’re gonna get this done and move mountains in a single day.”

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