Valley Homesteaders weigh in on backyard farms in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — It’s a trend spreading across the nation, people raising chickens in their backyards.

A local group is educating the public about backyard chickens.

One of the members of the Valley Homesteaders group allowed me to come to their backyard farm and they even let me get up close and personal with one of their chicks . They’re providing specifics on their efforts.

Cyndi Price lives at a home with a backyard farm. She has four baby chicks on her property.

Price says one benefit of the chickens would be more healthy, home-grown food. But an ordinance in Columbus only allows chickens to be raised on a properties that are two acres or larger.

Price says Valley Homesteaders is pushing to get that reduced to a quarter- acre.

She’s providing some insight to those who may have reservations.

“There are a lot of homeowners that have five or six dogs in their home, but they’re not considered a kennel. My chickens are very friendly and I socialize them so we can advocate for chickens as well.” Says Price.

“In an effort to educate locals about the group’s efforts, there will be an educational seminar held at The Columbus Makesit facility this coming Saturday at 4 p.m.


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