Northside HS grad dies in West Georgia dorm

CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. — Family and friends are grieving the loss of a former Northside High School student who died over the weekend in his University of West Georgia dorm.

News 3 learned about the death of Marquis House, you see him on the left after seeing a post on facebook.

The University of West Georgia post reads our thoughts and prayers are with the family of UWG student Marquis House, who passed away this weekend.

” I just talked to him a couple days ago.” says Ander Crenshaw, a friend of House.

Crenshaw goes to school in North Carolina.

He says, he’s known 19-year-old House since he was fifteen.

They met at Camp Kudzu which is now located in Atlanta and educates, inspires and empowers children with diabetes. House, a diabetic was a counselor at the camp.

“He was the type of person who would light up a room when he walks in the room. He was goofy himself. There was nothing that he tried to hide. He was gonna be straight up with you no matter what.” says Crenshaw.

According to the Carroll County Coroner Keith Hancock house was pronounced dead at 6:45 Sunday night.

He was found unresponsive in his dorm room. The cause of death has not yet been determined and his body will sent be sent for autopsy Thursday.

Wednesday afternoon, House’s brother Timothy House also spoke to News 3.

“I would never expect to hear my little brother passed away…you know that’s my…I taught him (cries) everything. He was a good person.”  says Timothy House.

House lives in Colorado. He tells News 3 more about his brother’s diabetes.

“That could be the reason why he’s not with us right now is because of the diabetes. I don’t wanna go too deep in to it because it’s still fresh and it’s still pending.” says Timothy.

News 3 has learned the University of West Georgia police are handling this investigation.

We put calls in to Chief Net Watson and we also sent an email Wednesday. Unfortunately, we have yet to get a response.


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