Tragic end for missing service dog

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The search for a missing service dog has come to a tragic end.  As News 3, reported Whiz the pit bull went missing back in September, but we have since learned Whiz has been killed.  39-year-old Jimmy Gonzales is accused of shooting the dog several times and then getting rid of the dog’s body.

Kim Huff helped look for Whiz who was a military veteran’s PTSD service dog.

“When I was driving on the road I would look for him and try to see if I found him.  If I was out of town I’d look for him.  I actually one time turned around because I saw a pit bull that looked kind of like him.  I turned around and went back and it wasn’t him,” Huff said.

Now, she wants justice for Whiz.

“I don’t understand how anyone could do this to a dog especially one like Whiz was from what I understand a very loving dog.  He was a service dog.  He loved people.  I just can’t imagine anyone doing that to a dog,” Huff said.

Paws Humane tried to pass along any information they could during the search Whiz.

“We’ve had a similar situation happen recently with one of our adopted dogs from Paws so, it really hits close to home and we’re very sad for them,” Anitra Holley with Paws Humane said.

She says it’s important to remember that dogs have emotions just like humans.

“They rely on us for safety and for this to happen to Whiz it’s just really sad because he couldn’t speak for himself.  He couldn’t stand up for himself,” Holley said.

Holley tells News 3 she once had a service dog that she says she used for therapy at a children’s hospital.

“There’s a very important reason that someone reaches out and gets a service dog.  It’s not a cheap thing to have.  It’s not just an easy thing to get out and get.  The certification for a service dog is really hard to attain,” she said.

Holley says most of all, the dogs are so important for the person who need those services.

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