Michigan State doctor performs reconstructive surgery on mutilated dog

Baron, a dog found severely mutilated, wandering the streets of Detroit last month, is getting a second chance thanks to a local veterinary surgeon.

Animal lovers were up in arms after this dog, Baron, a brown Rottweiler mix, was found abandoned in Detroit, severely injured.

Baron had lacerations to his body, and most shockingly… his ears and nose were cut off.

“It was, a pretty significant horrific, mutulation of the dog, there’s no doubt about it,” says Section Chief of Surgery at MSU College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Bryden Stanley.

Dr. Stanley, a soft tissue surgery specialist at Michigan State University says, when Baron was found, he was taken to the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit.

Then, she got a call asking her if she could help him, and she said yes.

“He had a big hole in his nose, so he, you know how dogs put their noses everywhere to sniff things out and so we had to make it a little smaller so he wouldnt get twigs or berries or anything up there,” says Dr. Stanley.

Dr. Stanley traveled to Detroit to lead the reconstruction of Baron’s muzzle.

“I think he looks quite good,” exclaims Dr. Stanley.

And while she says the major surgery was a success, she wasn’t able to fix everything.

“He doesn’t have his ears anymore, he still has his ear canals so he can hear fine and he wont look the same, his muzzle will never quite look the same, he wont have the black part of his nose,” says Dr. Stanley.

While the search for the person or people who did this to Baron continues, Dr. Stanley says things are looking up for this pup.

Once he heals, she says, Baron will lead a pretty normal life.

And once he’s ready to go home, it looks like Baron will have one.

As more than 30 people have already filled out applications to adopt him.

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