Local expert weighs in on Trump putting new health care plan solution on hold

COLUMBUS, Ga. — President Donald Trump making headlines regarding his quote “wonderful” health care plan solution.

During the President’s campaign he made it seem like that solution would be immediate.

But, this week he mentioned a solution would come as early as next year.

In an interview with network commentator Bill O Reilly- Trump was asked, “Can Americans in 2017 expect a new health care plan rolled out by the Trump Administration this year?”

Trump’s response, “Yes, in the process and maybe it’ll take some time in to next year, but we’re certainly going to be in the process.”

A local political science expert weighs in.

“So I’m not sure that he has a clear of it’s clear enough in terms of a policy standpoint. First thing you have to do is..you modify what quote un-quote isn’t working or what is potentially burdensome,” says Dr. Fred Gordon.

Though Trump mentioned the roll out of his health care plan solution is on hold- he did mention, Americans can expect tax cuts this year.



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