Evidence shows Mary Rice bought ammunition during cross-state killing spree

Mary Rice being escorted from Troup County Jail and extradited back to Florida.

MIAMI, Fla. (AP) — An arrest warrant for 37-year-old Mary Rice names her as a “a willing participant” in the two-state killing spree that left four women dead and only ended when the man she was travelling with shot himself in a motel room surrounded by SWAT teams.

Police named William “Billy” Boyette, Jr. the primary suspect in the murders. Although investigators originally worried Rice was a hostage, they say she was upgraded to a suspect after evidence showed she bought ammunition while she and Boyette were on the run.

Mary Rice faces multiple charges in Alabama and Florida in the women’s deaths. She surrendered Tuesday in West Point, Georgia, where she had been holed up with Boyette.

The arrest report says Boyette had been living with Rice before the murders.

In Florida, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson tells local news outlets Rice had several opportunities to break away from Boyette as she went in and out of stores.

The affidavit says investigators found a Wal-Mart receipt in a car stolen from a victim that indicates Rice bought ammunition, hand warmers and a sleeping bag.

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