Newly released 911 calls after shooting of Representative Greene

COLUMBUS, Ga. — As News 3 was first to report Greene was shot in the leg back on January 26, behind Foxes Cinema on Victory Drive.

He made it over to the 30th Avenue Package Store to get help.

In an exclusive phone interview With News 3, Representative Green told me he was shot and robbed while getting out of his car to go buy a lottery ticket at the Package Store.

Greene has since returned to work but the shooting suspect is still on the loose.

Analysis of the 911 calls comes from our News 3 Crime Expert. We sat and listened to the tapes together. He explains what he would’ve done differently if he were the 911 operator.

The first call was made by Joseph Walden who works at Foxes Adult Cinema. That’s where police confirm Georgia Representative Gerald Greene of Cuthbert was shot.

Walden claims he didn’t see the shooting, but he did gather tips about the suspect.

“He was black, wearing something gray.” says Walden in the 911 tape. Walden’s 911 call lasted about two minutes.

The second tape ran just shy of five minutes. “And are you with the person that’s been shot? Yes, I have him sitting down.” 911 tape.

There was some apparent miscommunication between the operator and the caller.

“It was a shooting at 30th uh…30th…30th St…Package Store? 30th Avenue Package Store on Victory Drive.” 911 tape.

Our News 3 crime expert explains what he thinks the 911 operator could’ve done differently to gather more information.

“One thing that they can consider doing is uh ask the person on the phone their name and if the person that was shot if they can hand the phone to him.” says Major Gil Slouchick.

Still many unanswered questions in this case.



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