New aviation education facility on the way to Auburn

AUBURN, Ala. — Auburn University is gearing up for a new, multimillion dollar facility at their regional airport.

A spot off of Airport Road is where the new facility is slated to go. Folks at the airport say this new facility has been a long time coming.

The new facility will be a little more than 2300 square feet in size, equipped with simulators, classroom space and more. It will replace the current facility which was built back in 1950. The cost of the project is a little less than $9 million.

Airport Director Bill Hutto says this new facility will enhance the student experience.

“We’re recognized around the state and country as a leader. We have outstanding instruction. We have outstanding aircraft, and this facility will add to the student experience to make it a much better learning environment. It will make us more competitive with our other peer institutions outside of the state,” says Hutto.

Construction is slated to begin late spring/early summer. The university hopes to have the facility ready for fall 2018 classes.

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