12 LaGrange football players sign to play in college

LAGRANGE, Ga. — 12 Lagrange players signed to play college football at the collegiate level Thursday afternoon. The headliner, LaPerion Perry, who was expected to play at Perdue, decided to go to West Georgia so that he could play two sports.

“They gave me the opportunity to play basketball and that was my first love,” said Perry. “So they gave me the chance so I really went to play both,” he continued.

Below is a list of other players that signed:

LaPerion Perry- West Georgia University
Coy Tedescucci- Campbellsville University
Cordarius Grissom- Campbellsville University
Deanthony Rachel- Campbellsville University
Deandre Pollard- West Alabama University
Jalen Wilson- Kentucky Wesleyn
Amad Ogletree- Reinhardt University
Jonathan Olajubutu- Siskiyous
Marquez Payne- Ridgewater College
Rico Dunn- West Hills Community College
James Clark- West Hills Community College
Jordan Ragan- Lagrange College
Marcus Fannin- Waldorf College
J.D. Young- Point University

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