Survey: Most women think screening for heart disease is much later than recommended

COLUMBUS, Ga. — On average, a woman dies of heart disease every minute of every day. On this, American Heart Month, women are being reminded about heart health.

Screening helps women know their risk, but a new national survey by Orlando Health shows most women are way off when it comes to knowing when to start those screenings. Not knowing, can be fatal. Women have a higher risk than men for certain cardiovascular diseases.

“Women are equally affected, and in fact we’re still, we have been dying more of heart disease than men,” said Cardiologist Dr. Maria Carolina Demori of Orlando Health.

The American Heart Association recommends healthy heart screenings start at age 20. But the survey found only 8 percent of women said screenings should start in their 20s. 60 percent didn’t think they were recommended until after age 30,  at least a full decade later.

One of the reasons women, in particular, should start being checked at age 20 is that heart health becomes increasingly important should women decide to become pregnant.

Screenings should include your blood pressure, weight, cholesterol levels and glucose levels. Some may want to consider an EKG or other heart tests to uncover any existing heart condition.

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