Beulah plans new senior citizens center, storm shelter

BEULAH, Al — Residents of Beulah will soon see a brand new senior citizens center being built in the center of the community. The Lee County Commission unanimously gave the project approval at its meeting on January 30.  Along with giving seniors a much-needed new facility, it also offers the entire community an added benefit—shelter during storms.

The downhill slope that leads to the front door of the current Beulah Senior Citizens Center soon will not be an obstacle for the good folks who visit here.

“The building is over 100 years old in a basement that gets water in it. These are such good people. They’re not complaining about that. But it’s not what we want for our senior citizens.  We want something better than that for them,” says Robert Ham, Lee County Commissioner from District 4.

The new 3500 square foot Beulah Senior Citizens Center will be built across Lee Road 270, not too far from Bridge Church.  The journey to make the center a reality has been a 2 ½ year odyssey. Senator Gerald Dial helped get the ball rolling for Beulah to receive a $250,000 state grant, one that required a community match.

“And the Bridge Church, here in Beulah, was very generous in giving us two acres of land that they had which is right in the heart of the community here, convenient for everybody, and we were able to use that as our match,” says Commissioner Ham.

“When Commissioner Ham approached us, we approached our pastor’s council, and they were immediately in favor of it. And then we took it before the church, and the church voted unanimously to give the two acres,” says Pastor Bill Bryan of Bridge Church.

County leaders and people right here in Beulah are very excited about the project and hope that the groundbreaking will take place within the next two months.

In addition, the new center will also serve as a community storm shelter when needed.

“Every time a major storm comes through, like two weeks ago, we get phone calls, we get inboxes on social media, wanting to know if the church will be open, so it’s going to be a tremendous asset to the community,” says Pastor Bryan.

It’s a tremendous asset made possible when a community works together for a common goal.

We should add that both the Lee County Commission and the Bridge Church Pastor’s Council and its membership body all voted unanimously in favor of this project.

Right now, a completion date for the new Beulah Senior Citizens Center has not been set. However, land will probably start being cleared in the coming weeks to get it ready for the building project to start within the next two months.

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