News 3 viewer claims trash is being dumped in Clapp Cemetery in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. — We have some disturbing news from a News 3 viewer about a local cemetery.

The woman claims the sacred ground is being used as a dumping site.

News 3’s Ashley Garrett is on your side with what she found when she went to the cemetery today.

The Clapp Cemetery is near the Riverwalk in Columbus and it’s been around for centuries.

News 3 received a photo of trash bags full of discarded items collected by one of our viewers. Included was message that reads in part, “The bags in the pictures are full of shingles.

This was just one day of cleanup. The person volunteering to clean up the trash left on the cemetery says there have been times where four times as many bags full of waste have to be carried off the graves.

While looking into the complaint, News 3’s Ashley Garret found police are also looking into reports of inappropriate dumping.

“I was here investigating the complaint that we had some solid waste or construction waste being dumped out,” says Officer Brant Poole, Enforcement Supervisor with Columbus Public Works.

Officer Poole explains what the consequences would be for someone accused of dumping trash in the cemetery.

“In the event we find any evidence of who it is that’s dumping, then we would issue a court summons,” says Officer Poole.

Reporters put in a call to the Clapp Cemetery for two reasons — one of those reasons being whether or not they’re aware of the situation happening, and two, what kind of plans do they have in place to prevent it from happening any time further.

The cemetery number eventually went straight to voicemail and calls were not returned.

One local resident says he is disturbed that someone might dump trash in a cemetery.

“I think it’s disrespectful because people’s loved ones are buried there and I’ll be hurt if someone was throwing trash where my loved ones buried,” says Torrie Beard, a Columbus resident.


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