Hines Road 911 calls released

TROUP COUNTY, Ga. – News 3 has obtained a recording of the 911 call from earlier this week that is shedding more light on an incident in LaGrange.  We earlier reported that 44-year-old James Thompson is accused of shooting his daughter before dying in custody Tuesday.

Thompson’s nephew called 911.

Caller: “My uncle just got here and I mean he’s had drug, he’s had drug problems in his past.”

The caller says he was making the call from the driveway.

Caller: “He’s really strung out like he’s strung out like he’s on something.”
Dispatcher: “Okay.”
Caller: “And he had a knife in one hand and he was just sitting there wandering all around the house scaring all of us.  I told him if you don’t put this knife down I’m going to leave.  Well when I said that he said well I’m just going to get this and it looked like he was about to grab a gun.”

The caller states that he left the house before he saw weather Thompson grabbed a gun or not.

Dispatcher: Where is he at right now?”
Caller: “My cousin is still in the house with him.”
Dispatcher: “Did he threaten anybody with a knife?”
Caller: “No, but he’s walking around like, I guess when he takes his drugs I guess he sees stuff.”

Then, the 911 operator asked the caller if he knew what kind of drugs Thompson was on.

Caller: “I think it’s meth, yes.”

The caller then identified the female in the house with Thompson as his daughter, Kyley Thompson.

Dispatcher: “Was she scared?”
Caller: “I mean she was acting calm about it, but I didn’t see her reaction when he said something about a gun.”

Then, the 911 operator says they will get somebody out to the house and the parties hang up.  The caller then called 911 again and spoke to a different dispatcher.

Caller: “I told somebody to come out here about my uncle.  Well now he’s got a knife to her throat.”
Dispatcher: “To his throat?”
Caller: “To her throat.  He’s got my cousin.  I need somebody out here to 775 as fast as they can.”

The dispatcher states that someone is on the way.

Dispatcher: “Can you see him fine?”
Caller: “No, I ran back out of the house again.”

The caller then starts talking to someone else on the scene.

Caller: “What did he say?
Background: (Inaudible) “He’s about to shoot her.”
Dispatcher: “Now he’s got a gun?”
Caller: “Yeah, he’s got a gun.  He said he’s about to shoot her.  Look, you need to get somebody out here right now.  Fast as you can.  Somebody’s about to die so I need somebody to get out here.”

After a few seconds the caller states that he sees the cops arriving.

Sgt. Stewart Smith with the Troup County Sheriff’s Office says there are no updates and the GBI is still investigating.

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