Police teach active threat response training

LAGRANGE, Ga. – Anyone can be the victim of a crime, but the LaGrange Police Department is teaching people what to do if they are threatened.  A group of 40 plus folks sat through a civilian active threat response workshop Monday night.

Dave Miller, who attended the active threat response workshop, is focused on protecting more than just himself.

“How to protect my family and my wife and just take some tips to her,” Miller said.

Jim Davison with the LaGrange Police Department is teaching people A.D.D. It stands for avoid, deny, and defend.

He says to pay attention to your surroundings and have an exit plan, keep distance between you and the source of the threat, and be aggressive and committed to your actions.

“We want to teach people how to survive and how to survive some type of an incident like that.  It’s your right to survive.  It’s your right to defend yourself and you need to know how to do that when you find yourself in these situations being that they’re becoming more and more common in our society,” Davison said.

He teaches people how to respond to any type of active threat.

“Being that it just doesn’t need to be a shooter it could be somebody with a vehicle, somebody with an edged weapon, somebody with an IED or explosive device,” Davison said.

Davison says it’s common for people to think it won’t happen to them.

“But it does happen every day.  I’m sure in various different events across the country, Sandy Hook and Orlando, and places and such never thought it would happen there, but it does happen all across our country in every different size town, facet of life, and walk of life,” he explained.

After going through the training workshop, Miller will be more prepared if he ends up in a threatening situation.

“I believe in preparation for whatever you might face and you have to anticipate things that you may think would never happen to you in order to be fully prepared,” Miller said.

When law enforcement arrives on the scene, they say to show your hands and follow commands.

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