Opelika man plans community center to carry on great-grandfather’s legacy

OPELIKA, Ala. — For Jeremy Gray, the yellow house along Jeter Avenue holds a special place in his heart.

The house was built back in 1954 by his great-grandfather Lottie B. Curtis. Gray says through this house, his great-grandfather was able to touch many lives, and Gray wants to bring that back to the community – a community that gave him so much.

His plans are to convert the house into a community center for all of those in the community. Gray says the goal of the house is to elevate and educate folks in the community through a mind, body and soul experience, adding that he wants to create productive people. He hopes that the center will be a safe haven for all of those in the community.

He says the concepts of “a productive person, productive people and a productive community all should come together and make everything around here productive.”

Gray hopes the new addition will evolve the neighborhood into something even greater.

“When I left was 18, it’s been stagnant. It’s hasn’t really changed much; the same people doing the same things, and I am just wanting to open their minds up to something new.”

For Gray, his dream was to pursue a career in the NFL. He received a scholarship to play football at North Carolina State. Gray says when the desire to fulfill the athletic dream was gone, he learned that his purpose in life was to serve people.

“I didn’t know how I was going to operate in the common world without football because it’s so intense and an adrenaline rush,” Gray says. “When I started doing this, I get the same kind of fulfillment, so I’m good with it now.”

Anyone interested in volunteering or learning more about the cause can visit, his GoFundMe

Gray says the the goal is to have the house fully operational by this time next year, but said that some elements of the center could be ready before then.

On February 4 at the TigerTown Buffalo Wild Wings from 8-10 a.m., his business, Elevate Your Grind will be hosting a pancake breakfast with the proceeds going towards the cost of transformation.




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