Heart raffle raises more than $100,000

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Two lucky heart raffle winners got the keys to their new Mercedes Tuesday.

The heart raffle raised more than $100,000 for The American Heart Association.

Raffle winner Sheila Lovely chose a 2017 Class-C convertible valuing around $50,000. Lovely says they have bought a raffle ticket for the past few years to support The American Heart Association since heart disease runs in her family.

“Last year we were down to the last 10 and of course we didn’t win so, this year we bought two more tickets. Actually we bought one and our daughter bought one for us and the one that she bought is the one that one. When we found out that we won we were very excited,” says Shelia Lovely.

Donald Meredith is the other winner of a brand new Mercedes. He chose a 2017 Class-C sedan valuing about $50,000. All 2500 heart raffle tickets were sold. They were $100 each.

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