Efforts to stop violence on local college campuses

News Three is on your side – with an effort to stop violence like muggings on college campuses.

News 3 has obtained a local college crime report. She also reports a possible solution to the crime.

In just the first few weeks of this year there have been several crimes reported on CSU’s campus.

According to the school’s annual activity log there have been: four theft by taking cases, two reports of criminal trespass, and two reports of suspicious activity.

Jill Turner says Robocopp,  the company she works for, may have a solution for some of those crimes.

It’s called the sound grenade.

One study done by the International Institute of Criminology found that 68 percent of criminals would flee a crime scene completely empty-handed as soon as an alarm was heard,” says Turner.

Robocopp began selling the sound grenades in 2015.

Representatives say, they are now being used at 100 colleges nationwide including Columbus State University, University of Georgia and West Georgia University.

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