Buena Vista sidewalk project nears completion

BUENA VISTA, Ga. – If you pass through Buena Vista these days, you’ve likely noticed some major sidewalk construction along Highway 41.  While sidewalk enhancement is a big part of what’s happening, the purpose of the project actually runs much deeper.   Mayor Ralph Brown offers an update on the benefits of the construction.

“The neat thing about the sidewalks repairs is that now they are handicapped accessible,” says Mayor Brown.

Mayor Brown is proud his city is able to upgrade the sidewalks, making them accessible for everyone and easier to navigate around Buena Vista.  But an even deeper benefit is what you don’t see in this construction, what lies beneath them.

“We had low water pressure out in that area, so instead of putting the new piping on the road, we actually put it under the sidewalk,” says Mayor Brown.

And if anyone understands the city’s need for increased water pressure along this stretch of Highway 41, it’s the mayor himself.

“It’s personal to me because I lived out on Broad Street, which is Highway 41, and because of the low water pressure, my house caught fire, and my house burned completely down because of that. Now I know that individuals and citizens who are on that highway have great water pressure and that problem has been rectified,” Mayor Brown says.

By placing the pipes under the sidewalks and not under the road, Mayor Brown says that any future repairs on the water pipes will not require shutting down Highway 41.

The city says these improvements are all possible thanks to a community block development grant.  The City of Buena Vista applied for the block grant through the River Valley Regional Commission in Columbus.

Weather permitting, the work should be completed in the next week or so.

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