Weekend storms strike Opelika neighborhood

OPELIKA, Ala. — Doss Buckalew says he’s lived in Opelika for years and he didn’t expect the storm to do so much damage.

“Shocked, but kind of amazed that the storm didn’t do more damage.  It only took out a few shingles and a cap that was on an old unused chimney,” says Buckalew.

Ellen Green just moved into this home a year ago and after the storm…. Her roof was completely gone.

Green says, “The tornado just did it. I mean it took the roof off, knocked the trees down and did damage to the ceilings inside.”

Green credits divine intervention for keeping her and her husband safe in the storm.

“The Lord told me to get into the closet because there wasn’t much going on and I told my husband we need to get into the closet now and as soon as we got into the closet we heard the roaring which wasn’t extremely loud and heard a boom from the tree and then it was over,” says Green.

In a matter of seconds the greens lost their home.

Green says, “It just took it off and it’s all around the neighborhood and majority of the roof is on the neighbor’s house over.”

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