Columbus Cottonmouths crash investigation: Bus inspection results released

Courtesy: WMBD

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The latest on the Cottonmouths hockey team after they were involved in a bus crash.

Just one day after the team made it back home, we’re hearing more about their frightening encounter.

Thursday, the bus carrying 24 passengers overturned near Morton, Illinois.

On the bus, there were dozens of players, staff, and a bus driver.

According to Illinois State Police, a bus inspection was held on Friday.

Monday, the Public Information Officer released the results to News 3.

“Very lengthy inspection in to all the mechanics of the bus specifically looking in to the steering mechanism and things like that. Nothing was found. There was no blatant mechanical error that they can say would’ve contributed to the crash,” says Trooper Ross Green.

Police say, the driver of the bus was Dawlford Wayne Allen of Smiths Station, Alabama.

He’s now facing charges.

“Failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash and that is a citation…a petty offense citation. These are often times issued when there’s no real contributor, other than it could’ve been speed or  just going too fast and not being able to negotiate the curb,” says Trooper Green.

The head coach of the Cottonmouths is weighing in on the investigation. He says he understands the blame will likely be placed on the bus driver but he’s thankful for that bus driver and calling him, “a life saver”.

“If he would’ve reacted a different way I think it would’ve rolled as opposed to just flipped over and slid on the side and if he did that I think there would’ve been tragedies on the bus,” says Coach Jerome Bechard.

The team played the Peoria Rivermen over the weekend.

Saturday, the Cottonmouths lost  that match five-to-four.

Coach Bechard says they’re now prepping for Friday’s game this includes doctor’s appointments checking for any concussions following the crash.

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