Auburn firefighter who died in line of duty remembered by his brothers

AUBURN, Ala.- Those who Capt. Roger Brookshire said he always wanted to be the first at a scene.

On Jan. 23, 1977, the Auburn Fire Division received a call about an Auburn University student who was electrocuted.

When the call came in, Capt. Brookshire got their as fast as he can. While rendering aid, Capt. Brookshire was electrocuted. That was the last day of his life. 40 years later, past and present firefighters gathered at the Auburn Memorial Park to remember their fallen brother.

Of those in attendance was Steve Tucker who was with Capt. Brookshire that day. He said it was like any other day at the station. He added that days like Monday, are extremely tough for him.

“Even in death, Roger Brookshire never stopped teaching,” Tucker said. “He always wanted to be the first. He always wanted to be the best. Why God chose to take him that day and not me, I have no clue. I guess he left me here so we can speak to this and maybe save one of these young men’s lives going forward.”

Towards the end of the ceremony, the “3-3-3” ceremony was conducted. This symbolizes duty done, and that the firefighter has come home for the final time.



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