Decades of celebrating the Office of the Presidency

PLAINS, Ga. – Further south in the small town of Plains, Georgia, patriotism and pride for the presidency ran deep. A store with more than a century of history on its shelves celebrates every President with memorabilia dating back to President Grover Cleveland in 1885.

News 3 spoke with the store’s owner about the difference he’s observed leading up to the new presidency.

Since we have such a terminus stream of people from all over the world I say it make us feel how lucky we are to have President Carter here and he is one of the towns people he is involved in every little deal here. I can say overall the mood here is very optimistic and that is what you would expect in the hometown of President Carter because President Carter set the tone and he is very optimistic and hoping for the best. I like make my own opinions on fact and I say overall people are pretty optimistic. Not happy optimistic doesn’t mean happy, but optimistic. We do tend to sell more Republican stuff than Democratic stuff overall just because you come to Plains doesn’t make you a Democrat or Republican, but I will say that I get a feeling of Optimism from the people who voted for Trump and the people who did not vote for Trump at least I see a calm lets is want happens although a lot of them may not be to optimistic, but everyone has one thing in common they want him to succeed.” says Philip Kurland.

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