Phenix City Mayor addresses city’s spending in State of the City Address

PHENIX CITY, Ala. – Thursday night dozens of people packed the Central Activities Center to find out where Phenix City stands.

Mayor Eddie Lowe crunched numbers and gave a report on the city’s spending in 2016.

Phenix City Mayor, Eddie Lowe, says financially the city of Phenix City is doing well.

The Mayor said he is most concerned about infrastructure needs.

A few weeks ago severe weather damaged roads throughout the city.

“I know what that can do to our reserve, you have to make a fiscal sound decision because we have to take care of the citizens. We’re hoping we can get a deceleration from the governor so we only have to pay 25% and that’s better than 100%,” says Lowe.

As of now the city is estimating $800,000 in repair work.

Last year, a sinkhole cost the city almost 1-million dollars.

The mayor says the city’s infrastructure is a priority.

The Mayor points to the opening the 10th Avenue Bridge and 12th Avenue Bridge as big accomplishments for the city, a 2.3 million dollar project.

Lowe said, “We’ve been able to get them done through our city manager and his team through grants. we were able to get them completed in 2016 and that was very huge because again the school systems point of view, they saved them over 30 miles a day.”

At the end of the Mayor’s address there was an open forum.

The Mayor and Council Members addressed citizens’ concerns and made clear they have the city’s best interest at heart.

“All of us as Council Members want to leave it better than before, for the people that come after us and that’s what leadership is,” says Lowe.

There’s a public hearing on February 7th, if you have any questions or concerns for Phenix City Council they encourage you to attend.





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