Locals weigh in on Trump presidency and President Obama leaving the White House

COLUMBUS, Ga. – We’re just hours out from President-Elect Donald Trump from becoming the 45th President of the United States.

Thursday is the last day President Obama will hold office and now the community is reacting.

WRBL’s Ashley Garrett shares expectations for a Trump presidency.

Donald Trump will enter the white house amid the lowest level of optimism for any President-Elect in CBS news polling.

According to a CBS poll released this week- fifty six percent of Americans are optimistic about his presidency.

That’s compared to 79- percent for President- Elect Obama back in 2009.

Thirty-nine percent are reportedly pessimistic about a Trump presidency.

Locals are weighing in on President Obama leaving the White House- and President-Elect Trump.

“Very disappointing like I said I think he did really good for the Black community and he’s gonna be very missed,” says Tracey Jackson.

Reporter: “What does it mean to you..the fact that President-Elect Trump will be the President of the United States starting tomorrow?“ “Well I wish him well of course because that benefits all of us,” says June Burdick.

Views of a Trump presidency are highly partisan – more so–than for previous President-Elects.



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