Hector Arreola: Crime expert analysis

COLUMBUS, Ga. — New details emerging in the death of a Columbus man who was involved in a police altercation earlier this month. News 3’s Ashley Garrett sat down with our crime expert to get his take on the newly released 911 tapes.

According to Attorney Stacey Jackson these late breaking developments around 2 o’clock surrounding Hector Arreola. Among others things, we’re learning where police are now this this investigation.

According to the GBI, Columbus police responded to a call on Moss Drive around 5 a.m. on January 9th. Police say at some point there was a struggle and Hector Arreola was taken to Midtown Medical Center where he died the next day. Wednesday the GBI released the two 911 tapes to the public.

“You said you’re life is being threatened? Yeah, I feel like I’m in danger right now. Okay, is the person who is threatening you there with you. I’m not sure. I believe they’re outside or something. Ok and who is this person? Do you know them? I’m not sure.”

News 3 sat down with our Crime Expert Ricky Holder to analyze the tapes. Holder has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience. He says there were some things that raised some questions. This includes the 911 operator asking Arreola whether or not he was alone.

“You never heard any one else’s other voice other than his so I don’t know if someone else was actually there or if he thought someone else was there is unclear,” says Holder.

We also caught up with a witness who lives on Moss Drive. He describes the encounter with Arreola and police.

“He ran up and it took three of em to subdue him and get him in to cuffs shortly thereafter the corporal had em now in cuffs and he just gave up,” says Alan Tarvin.

News 3 has obtained some exclusive information from the Arreola family attorney Stacey Jackson. It appears some new details have risen and he may not be representing the family moving forward.


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