City buys former Majestic Sports Bar

COLUMBUS, Ga. – City officials want to see the site of the old Majestic Sports Bar transformed into something positive.  The city bought the former club that was known for its problems with violence.

The area around the former Majestic Sports Bar is known as an enterprise zone.  An enterprise zone is a lower-income area with incentives like tax exemptions offered to encourage business investment and create jobs.  Mayor Teresa Tomlinson explains the money used to buy the land is money that can only be used for renewal projects like this one.

The Majestic Sports Bar closed a few years ago after a string of violence eventually ending with the murder of a Columbus State University student.

Charles Render says he used to go to the club, but thinks the violence was a problem.

“A restaurant might be nice right here.  Maybe a laundry mat, but anything aside from the club.  The club can’t come here (anymore),” he said.

Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says they are marketing the property to potential developers.

“It’s where Brown Avenue, Cusseta Road, South Lumpkin Road all come together there, an old fashion five points if you will which, is typically where you see neighborhood commercial type restaurants, perhaps a little grocery store things of that nature, a little market,” she said.

She says the city is interested in private investments and partnerships.

“This is in between downtown and Fort Benning so, it’s actually very well placed for some sort of renewal.  We just want to do it in a way that builds up the existing community and neighbors, but brings more vibrancy there,” Mayor Tomlinson said.

Leroy Jenkins has lived in the area for the past 30 plus years.

“I’m glad to see the city buy the property.  Make it a better place.  Make the community look better,” he said.

Mayor Tonlinson says they are working with neighbors to see what type of development they want to happen in the area.



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