Airlines increase on-time arrivals, reduce canceled flights

(CBS Philadelphia)

The chances that your flight will be on time and won’t get canceled appear to be looking up.

The federal Department of Transportation reports Tuesday 86.5 percent of U.S. flights in November arrived on time, an improvement over both the previous month and November 2015.

Less than one-third of 1 percent of domestic flights were canceled, the lowest rate in any month since the department started keeping comparable records in 1995. And the rate of bags that got lost, delayed or damaged was the lowest in figures that go back to 1987, the department says.

Hawaiian Airlines and Delta Air Lines posted the best rates for on-time arrivals, over 90 percent. Virgin America, which is now owned by Alaska Airlines’ parent, had the worst mark.

  1. Hawaiian Airlines: 91.5 percent
  2. Delta Air Lines: 91.4 percent
  3. Alaska Airlines: 88.0 percent
  4. Frontier Airlines: 87.5 percent
  5. Spirit Airlines: 86.4 percent
  6. United Airlines: 86.1 percent
  7. Southwest Airlines: 86.1 percent
  8. American Airlines: 85.4 percent
  9. SkyWest: 85.2 percent
  10. JetBlue Airways: 84.3 percent
  11. ExpressJet: 82.8 percent
  12. Virgin America: 81.4 percent

Total for all covered airlines: 86.5 percent


Source: U.S. Department of Transportation

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