Better Business Bureau warns Facebook users to watch for scams

COLUMBUS, Ga-Facebook is a great way to stay connected with friends, family, and even the world around you.  But it’s also an increasingly popular way for criminals to target your hard-earned money.

Kelvin Collins, Interim President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau in Columbus, says play it safe when it comes to social media.

Many fake pages for “government agents” offering “government grants” are popping up.  Beware of any so-called deal that offers you funds, but asks you for money first.

“Facebook, Twitter, those things open up where people are more relaxed, and they’re more relaxed in their communications and things like that. Con artists know that. So they follow that person, and they get a little bit of information on them, and they’re able to sway you to believe that they’re someone other than who they really are,” Collins says.

Collins says also watch out for those duplicate friend requests—when you’re already friends with a person and then receive another friend request from a duplicate profile by the same name and/or picture.   That’s often a criminal’s attempt to learn information about you.

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