Smiths Station lifts mandatory water restrictions

SMITHS STATION, Ala. – After recent rain, Smiths Station is no longer under mandatory water restrictions.

The restrictions went into effect back in November of 2016 after the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs’ Office of Water Resources issued an Emergency Drought Declaration for Lee County and other surrounding areas.

In addition to the declaration, the city looked at their water and sewer authority’s drought contingency plan and went into stage two mandatory drought measures.

The city is no longer in a drought, but even though the restrictions are not in place, people are asked to continue to be good stewards with the water.

“We should practice water conservation everyday because you want to ensure that all of your streams and creeks are clean,” Stormwater Manager Lisa Deason said. “All of those waters flow to our state waters, which is where we get our drinking water from. As we know, we don’t get new water. It’s because of the water cycle. You’ve gotta have moisture to replenish that.”

Deason added that at the end of last week into the weekend, the city received around seven inches of rain.


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