Local family wants justice for 22-year-old victim

COLUMBUS, Ga. – On Tuesday night around 6:30 p.m. a drive by shooting took place on the 300 block of 32nd avenue.

The shooting happened at the same house, where a 22-year-old Dominique Horton was shot and killed last week.

Natasha Washington is the mother of Dominique Horton and since her son’s passing, she’s been raising funds for his funeral.

Lorraine Washington, Horton’s grandmother, says last night the unexpected happened during the family’s fundraiser.

“Trying to raise the money for him and it’s a pain that we are going through. We did not expect this. Shots in front of the house and all we want to do is grieve in peace,” said Lorraine.

Natasha said, “I feel like I’m losing my mind because of what they did to me and then you come by here and shoot? You already killed my child up here. Why are y’all torturing me? Let me grieve in peace because I’m already hurting.”

The family says they want to give Dominique a proper burial because he didn’t deserve to die.

All they want is justice for Dominique and for the killer or killers to come clean.

The cost of the funeral is more than $8,000 and the family hopes to raise $5,000 by Sunday.

You can make a donation at navy federal credit union under the “Dominique Horton memorial fund” or you can click here for the go fund me account.

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