Local expert responds to Trump’s new family business plans


COLUMBUS, Ga – A local business expert is weighing in on Trump’s new plans for the Trump Enterprises.

News 3’s Ashley Garrett is digging deeper to learn whether the expert thinks this new plan will work.

International Business Professor John Finley teaches at Columbus State University.

He’s responding to part of what came out of President Elect Donald Trump’s news conference Wednesday.

It was Trump’s first news conference since the presidential election.

“Don and Eric are going to be running the company. They’re not gonna discuss it with me,” says Trump.

Don and Eric are Trump’s two oldest sons.

It was also mentioned Wednesday that a longtime business executive would step in to monitor conflict of interests.

Local business expert Finley says overall he’s not sold on the new plan.

“I think it’s questionable. I think overall there are a lot of unanswered questions,” says Finley.

Finley says some of those questions include:

“We could refer to the ethics adviser that is soon to be appointed. We don’t know who that will be and we don’t know what standards will be used for that ethics adviser to ensure there are no conflicts of interest”.

We also wanted Professor Finley’s take on what he thought would happen if things were to go wrong with the trump enterprises while being under the responsibility of his sons.

“One type of helping hand is that of advice and to not give any of his wisdom whatsoever…I can see that happening. The bigger concern comes in to play when maybe there’s some power of the government that could be used to help them out. That’s where I think majority of folks would be concerned,” says Finley.


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