Classmates welcome student back to school, wear face masks as sign of support

CAMP HILL, Pa. (WHTM/MEDIA GENERAL) – Ashlyn Brysiak is a third grader who is present at West Creek Hill Elementary mentally, but not physically.

Ashlyn is battling leukemia, but thanks to a mobile robot, she can attend class through communication software on an iPad. She has a near-perfect attendance record thanks to her robo-representative, but she still misses being around her classmates at school.

Further along in her battle against leukemia, her doctors have now approved Ashlyn to return to school on a limited basis. Starting this week, she was able to attend art class for 40 minutes. However, to do so, she has to wear a face mask at all times to help protect her from germs and viruses.

As a sign of support, her teachers and classmates also wore face masks.

Ashlyn’s mother says her family is hopeful she can return to class for longer periods of time after cold and flu season.

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