Boy to volunteer at rescue center after caught on video punching, kicking dog

WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Two days after a video surfaced showing what appears to be a Wichita boy beating a dog, the woman who filmed the encounter has agreed to help the teen.

Randi Carter was in northeast Wichita on Sunday when she saw two boys walking a black pit-bull. She noticed one of the boys tug on the dog’s leash, so she pulled out her phone and hit record. Next, she says the boy punched the dog then repeatedly kicked it in the face.

The boy’s mom surrendered the dog, named Dragon, to animal services on Monday after she turned her son into police. He was interviewed and released to his parents. The boy’s mom then called Carter.

“I actually went in, and I talked to the mom first and she was a real nice lady, real respectful,” says Randi Carter with Beauties and Beasts Rescue, Inc. “She’s not about that. She doesn’t want her boys doing that. She’s not OK with it.”

Carter adopted Dragon from animal services Monday night. She then offered to educate the family about dogs.

“I said they come down, they work in my kennels, and I will teach them how to train a dog. I said I will also educate him on the damage that’s done when you do this to a dog,” Carter says.

The two brothers in the video will begin volunteering at Beauties and Beasts Rescue on Sunday. Carter says the boys will clean kennels, organize toys and learn how to treat and train dogs, including their former dog, Dragon.

“I want the kid to teach him. Part of what I do and the joy I get is because I accomplish the goal. I want that kid to feel that. It’s also important that he has to struggle, so I’m not going to do it for him. I will instruct him and show him how to put his body and how to get the dog to do the action, but the work is going to come from him,” she says.

Carter says she’s not angry with the boy. She understands he’s young and made a mistake.

“I can give you a list of all of the things from here to the block of all the dumb things I did when I was 15,” she says. “Me being angry or us being upset with him isn’t going to help him.”

She says her goal is to get to know the boy and to ultimately teach him and his brother the proper way to interact with animals.

“I feel that I was put there for a reason. I was to meet this family for a reason and I’m going to do my best to help this kid and this family,” Carter says.

Carter plans to eventually put Dragon up for adoption. She says the boys in the video will play a role in both the training and adoption process.

Wichita police say it’s up the District Attorney’s Office if charges will be filed in the case.

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