Local business appears on CNN

A local business recently featured on CNN is using centuries old wood from a local dam to make music.  Georgia Quarter is a local guitar company gaining more attention after their story ran on CNN earlier this month.

Two Georgia natives, Jason Burr and Frank Schley, started the guitar company about two years ago.  They build electric guitars made out of historically significant wood.

“It’s really great being able to take something that I built and play it.  It’s a really special experience for me.  It also makes me really connected to each guitar that I play because I can hear how they change as they age,” Schley said.

Their first line of guitars, the Damcaster, is made of wood from the Eagle and Phenix Dam in Columbus installed in 1856.

“The dam downtown was taken down in 2012 and when they took that big dam out behind it they found a smaller crib dam, which was like a wood dam and when they pulled that dam out they found all these really old heart pine trees,” Schley explained.

The trees the wood comes from date back to the 1400s.  Schley says using historically significant wood is not the only thing that makes their business unique.

“Also, we get to build pieces of art for people that they’ll have for the rest of their lives and that they’ll be able to play or take on tour with them or hang on the wall or whatever it may be so, it’s a really personal interaction for them and that’s really special for us to be able to be a part of that,” he explained.

The CNN story aired the first week in January.

“We got more inquests for guitars in that week than we had sold guitars in the year before,” Schley said.

Georgia Quarter is launching new lines of guitars coming out within the next few months.


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