Stores prepping for Crimson Tide to repeat as championship

AUBURN, Ala.- Academy Sports in Auburn is all ready to go with Alabama National Championship gear if the Crimson Tide knock off the Clemson Tigers for the second year in a row.

Store Director, Tommy Riley said last week, they received boxes of championship shirts, hats, pennants and other merchandise to sell if Alabama wins. He said if they win, the store will re-open as soon as the game finishes and won’t close until the last customers leave the store.

Riley said that they would expect a good traffic flow of customers and that it creates a good energy in the store.

“It brings a lot of excitement,” Riley said. “A lot of customers come inside the building, creates a lot of energy, folks buying their championship products also other Alabama products that we have in the store. We enjoy helping our customers, working with our customers to get the products that they need, especially the Alabama merchandise from the National Championship: the hats, the cups, the t-shirts, the sweatshirts and all that.”

Riley said they will continue to get more merchandise if Alabama wins over the next couple of days.

He added that the store will close at it’s normal time of 9:30 central time tonight and re-open as soon as the game is finished if Alabama wins.

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