New chilling details of first Columbus homicide of 2017

COLUMBUS, Ga.- New chilling details surrounding the death of a man shot and killed in Columbus this week.

News 3’s Ashley Garrett caught up with family members of the victim- who describe the moments that led up to his death.

Lorraine Washington, Horton’s grandmother raised him.

She says Horton and his cousin happened to be in the area when a fight broke out between two women.

Washington says, a separate incident happened with Horton’s cousin and Horton tried to break it up and then shots rang out.

“He sat in this chair where you can see all this blood and all that and he didn’t want nobody to touch him and he was tellin my granddaddy I’m hurt I’m hurt and he looked up at my brother and said cuz I’m bout to die,” his cousin Josmin reports.

Police say Dondre Hill was also shot Thursday.

He was treated and released from Midtown Medical Center.


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