Heating-source safety tips as more chilly temps are expected for the Valley

COLUMBUS, Ga.- News Three is also on your side with tips to keep your family safe at home.

Heating sources are one of the leading causes of fires in Georgia.

News 3’s Ashley Garrett has ways to prevent your home from going up in flames.

Temperatures are expected to dip for the next few days.

That means more people will use some of those heating sources like this one that could be deadly.

One of the main heating sources that many will use is a space heater.

Some people even use their ovens to heat their homes.

News 3’s Ashley caught up with Fire Marshal Ricky Shores with the Columbus Fire Department.

He explains why it’s not a good idea- to use your oven- as a home-heating source.

“You can run in to a situation where carbon monoxide builds up in a home unexpectedly and you die from a fire or die from a carbon monoxide poisoning event,” says Shores.

Shores says those kinds of deaths are called silent killers.

He says it’s best to purchase a carbon monoxide detector, to practice poisioning- prevention.

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