City prepares for wintry weather threat

COLUMBUS, Ga. – In anticipation of wintry weather, Patricia Biegler with Public Works says they have several pieces of equipment on hand to help with unfavorable road conditions.

“We’ve got sand spreaders that go on the trucks and then they also have brine sprayers on the side and we have two of those.  Those are fully loaded with sand already.  We’ve got salt mixed in and we’ve got the brine also,” Biegler said.

Brine is salt mixed with water.

“Brine is good for keeping water from freezing and sand is good for traction and so, we will use one other or a combination depending on what we’re dealing with at the time,” Biegler explained.

They also have salt, sand, and brine to put on sidewalks around city buildings if necessary.  Biegler says ice is typically a bigger problem than snow in our area.

“When the temperature drops to below 32 we like to get out and get bridges and hillsides brined because that will keep any wetness that settles on that pavement from freezing,” she said.

Biegler warns drivers to be cautious.

“People need to stay home if we’re having that ice as much as they can, but we will be out there all night if we have to be to make sure that we keep the roads as safe as possible,” she said.

The city has about 100 tons of sand and about six tons of salt available for this weekend.

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