Runaway llama roams Athens highway

An escaped llama roaming off the GA 10 loop in Athens. (CNN/CBS46)

ATHENS, GA – It’s definitely not what Oconee County Sheriff’s deputies expected from their Wednesday afternoon – chasing down an escaped llama trotting along the streets of Athens.

The Oconee County Sheriff’s Office says the llama managed to make its way down a busy highway before being cornered outside a fast-food restaurant.

The sheriff office’s seemed as surprised as anyone at the call in their day. A Facebook post on the runaway farm animal says, “We just can’t make this stuff up.”

A statement on the page says an initial 911 call identified the animal as a “baby camel”. The post also says deputies got assistance from “I kid you not, several llama experts who just happened to be traveling on Epps Bridge Road at that exact moment”.

Deputies and the experts lured the llama into the dumpster area behind Cook-Out restaurant, thanks to several carrots provided by the fast-food staff.

The statement says animal’s owners were contacted and arrived to take it away in their van.

Whether or not the llama was “concerned about the weather forecast this weekend and was attempting to buy bread and milk” is unclear. The deputy behind Oconee County’s Facebook page says the farm animal “wouldn’t answer questions.”

The sheriff’s office confirms no one was hurt during the llama’s adventure and no traffic accidents were reported.

The animal now proudly sits as the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office mascot on its Facebook cover page.


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