New redevelopment project for Midtown Columbus area

COLUMBUS, Ga. –  There are several efforts underway to renovate the Midtown Columbus area.

News 3 met with redevelopment representatives to discuss the coming changes.

You’re looking at the former Louis Jones grocery store in Midtown Columbus.

It’s been closed for several years and is set to be demolished sometime this year.

A mural project was started and completed over the holidays as a way for people to express how beautifully they view the city of Columbus.

“The property owner gave us a blank canvas and we had a Midtown pop up paint party”.

That’s Anne King, the Executive Director of Midtown Incorporated.

She explains what’s supposed to happen when the building gets knocked down.

“Our goal is to enhance mobility for all of our citizens and in doing that we create a more vibrant place,” says King.

King says the former grocery store sits in the heart of the Five Points Area in Midtown.

This spring, there are plans to place bike lanes leading all the way to the Riverwalk.

I asked people how they feel about the historic landmark that’s set to be knocked down.

“A good thing if they gon put something there that’s gonna be for the community but right now people just go in and out of it and it ain’t safe, says Steven Daniel.

Another man had other thoughts.

“It makes me feel kind of sad and emotional because this is a symbol of history. My dad and mom went shopping here when they were kids and it just makes me feel sad,” says Hunter Wilson.

Changes to the heart of the Five Points are set to take place this spring.


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