Security concerns about kayaker parking lot

COLUMBUS, Ga. – One local man is working to cut back on car break-ins for kayakers.  Many kayakers put their boats in the Chattahoochee River by the North Highlands Dam.

Kayak Columbus owner James Malo says there is a problem with car break-ins at spots where people put their kayaks in the river so, he came up with his own solution.

Malo shuttles kayakers from their cars to the North Highlands Dam.

“When they announced the Whitewater plans I knew these kayakers would need a shuttle and that this would be a crime ridden area because of its remoteness here in the city,” he said.

He says car break-ins happen in the parking lot.

“Usually they do not steal big ticket items like kayaks or paddles or anything like that left in the car, but little things like cigarettes, money, credit cards,” Malo said.

The shuttle ride is free.

“I take tips only just so I can make sure we get all of the kayakers down here.  Get them safely on the river without threats of their cars being broken into,” he said.

Malo says he sees the car break-ins happen all year long.

“Quite often we get somebody new to the area that doesn’t know about the car break ins and so they park here anyway and paddle the river and when they get back they find their car has been broken into,” he explained.

One suggestion Malo has to tighten up on parking lot security is to add cameras in the parking lot.

A kayaker did reac out to Mayor Teresa Tomlinson about the car break-in concerns.  Mayor Tomlinson says she will talk with Columbus Police about the issue.


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