Paws Humane gives tips on what to do if you lost a pet during this week’s storms

COLUMBUS, Ga.- This year’s first round of storms took a toll on our area including some pets.

News 3 is digging deeper to learn what you should do if you lost your pet in the storm.

Casey Smith from Paws Humane says it’s common for pets to get lost after storms.

If fences and yards are damaged pets can get loose and wind up lost or in shelters.

Pets usually find their way home by scents but after a storm scents and landmarks can change.

She says if you lost your pet you should contact Animal Control.

She says representatives there, hold the pets before they can be adopted out at area shelters.

“What happens is they stay on a five day stray hold at Animal Control before any Animal Rescue should pull them. So if your pet did get out during the storm the other day, please, you can go online, look at all the dogs they picked up and all the cats they picked up or they let you tour their facility too. You can go in and just search their kennels if your missing an animal,” says Smith.

Smith adds, if you normally keep your pets outside it’s best to bring them inside- when storms are in the area.

Paws Humane has a wealth of information on pet ownership.

Its upcoming class is on obedience training.

Visit for more information on how to register your pet.

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